The Öja Cottage

ÖjaCottage -  a relaxing countryside dream during summer, fall and spring

It is now possible to rent our dear cottage. It is a charming house located by itself with a view of the fields. Despite, or perhaps thanks to, the lack of running water and electricity you can really relax from a stressful city life. Show your kids what the nature has to offer, take a walk in the woods, go muchroom picking, look out over the fields, lean back and listen to the trees. Use the fire place, cook food on the wood heated stove, play cards, read a book or just enjoy getting som time away.

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In the area

Bike around in the surroundings, let us know if you want to rent bikes. Julita Manor is about 15 mins drive from ÖjaTorpet, where the children can also be maintained by Pettson and Findus. Parken Zoo is also appreciated by the children and is about 20 minutes by car from the house. There you will also find Tuna Park which has several stores as well as a large grocery store. A small grocery store is located only 5 min away in Stora Sundby. There are several golf courses, the nearest about 25 min away. There is a nice lake called Aspen on the way to Julita. Hjälmaren is even closer to where you can also go for a swim.

You will get the water in large tanks which are refilled when you need. A large pot with a tap makes it easy to heat the water and handled smoothly. The food is stored in the gasoline fridge. The convenient portable shower can be used both when doing the dishes outside or when taking a shower yourself ourside. If you are desperate to take a regular shower it can be arranged about 2 km from the cottage.

The toilette is found in the house and is despite it simple functionallity (a separett toilette with a small fan) our guest tell us it does not smell at all.

Light you get from the parrfin lamps or candles. When it is colder outside you can make a fire in the openfire place or the stove.